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Drama and Conflict!

Recently we asked John Clyde, an actor/facilitator, to support a session on “dealing with conflict” at McLaughlin and Harvey as part of their ILM Level 3 Leadership and Management qualification.  John feels it is of great benefit to work through the scenarios that the participants are faced with from time to time in their working life.  John stated that what sometimes surprises them, perhaps, is how the littlest things in a seemingly innocuous situation can swiftly escalate, and through skills practice, they are able to be proactive and flexible in managing potential conflict situations.  There is also the added bonus of having positive input and fresh ideas from the rest of the group.

Feedback from the participants was very positive…

“Well worth it in my book”

“I think it is beneficial to have someone from outside of the company as it was taken more seriously with less giggles and awkward pretending”

“I thought it was more realistic as we were not dealing with a work colleague”

“Very beneficial and a great way to bring some fun into learning “

“The way John put the theory into practice makes it visual, role playing a customer complaint etc. brings the theory into a real life situation”

John Armstrong who is currently delivering the qualification feels that John’s input, facilitation and support in this area is invaluable to both himself and the learners.  He would recommend John Clyde to any trainer who requires skills practice/facilitation within their training delivery. His unique talent and professionalism will be a huge addition to any event.


December 8, 2015