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Observing Excellence at Saints Sport

Read Rebecca’s account of her training day with John….At the start of 2015 I made only one resolution, to get a new job. I had come to the cross-point where I knew where I wanted to be but wasn’t quite sure of the path to take to get there, so I set out speaking to people that worked in that field. As a family friend, John was one of those people and in our first conversation he provided a great insight into his role as a Trainer and Coach. I secured my new job in September of this year but have made a promise to myself to continue learning and developing my knowledge.

John invited me to learn a bit more about what his job entails on a day-to-day basis and at the start of December I was able to attend one of his ‘Delivering Service Excellence’ workshops. This workshop was the third of four entitled ‘I CARE to serve’ and was being delivered to Saints Sports, the University of St Andrews’ sporting body. So, on a (very) chilly Friday morning I set off for St Andrews.

The day started with lots of introductions and me frantically trying to remember the names of new faces as well as being given a bit of a background on the previous two workshops that had been run there. Saints Sports are going through some exciting changes and developments, and are due to open their shiny new sports centre in the early New Year. With new sports facilities on the horizon expectations are high for the Saints Sports team to deliver a similarly ‘shiny’ service experience to their internal and external customers.

John started the session with a welcome before setting out the day’s goals and the content for the workshop, and then it was straight into the first activity around ‘Relationships of Trust’. The team didn’t waste any time getting into the activity and it was interesting to observe the varying relationships around the room.

Throughout the morning John varied the pace of the session with different exercises, and my particular highlight was the use of “ The Barn Raising Scene” from “Witness”. I personally had never seen the film so was watching it with a fresh pair of eyes, and was impressed by how much could be taken from a scene with so little verbal communication.

One of the final team exercises became quite competitive; split into four teams they were challenged to use the resources given to them and create a certain number of “arrowhead” shapes. As we progressed through the exercise I watched the smaller teams turn from competitive, almost unwilling to share their knowledge, to a larger and inclusive team who were happy to coach other team members on how to achieve the exercise objective.

Towards the end of the session, as team members were asked to re-cap on their successes, and actions to take forward, I reflected on my own learning and take away some of which I’ve bullet pointed below:

  • Giving thanks and praise no matter how small is always appreciated
  • Ask for help when you need it!
  • Share your knowledge with others
  • Sometimes more can be said through your actions, than through words
  • Never stop learning

By Rebecca

October 11, 2016