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Service Excellence at Sandvik

By Anders Magnusson, Manager Customer Service, PU Heating Systems.

On the 26th May certificates were awarded to a team from Sandvik Heating Systems, Hallstahammar, for completing the Delivering Service Excellence programmne.  By strengthening this competency, we are supporting our first core value; Customer Focus.

The training initiative was launched during 2014 by Martin McIver, PU Manager, Perth, having recognised how the customer benefit of increased service knowledge within the organisation could be combined with John Armstrong’s expertise in this field.  A complete training programme was achieved by combining Sandvik’s core values with On Track’s competencies and experiences.

The training programme is now being implemented within Heating Systems’ unit in Perth and, thanks to PU Manager Johan Imberg and the attendees, now also in Hallstahammar.  The aim is increased awareness of service, serice concepts, and how this benefits everyone in the value stream.

The training consists of four blocks and the teams carry out one at a time, one month apart:

  • Fishing for Service, based on the phenomena FISH!
  • Moments of Truth, from our former SAS CEO, Jan Carlson
  • I CARE to serve, from Ken Blanchard’s book “Legendary Service”
  • Making DSE Stick, from FISH! Sticks


The training is now in full swing in Perth and Hallstahamar, with the ambition that all employees will have participated in the programme, and to create a team that will maintain the initiative in the future.

The response so far has exceeded our expectations and we are now discussing the possibility of implementing the programme in more BU Heating Systems’ units.

I am convinced that increased service awareness in the organisation is one of the main keys to our future competitiveness in the global market.  Therefore, I would like to thank everyone involved in making this initiative possible to implement: initiators, coach, pilots and participants

Here are some comments from the participants:

“I am already noticing an increased service awareness in the organisation”

“Everyone should take the course”

“I now realise that the relationship with my customer is at least as important as what I deliver”

Presentation of DSE Certificates May 2015

L-R Martin MacIver, Thomas Lewin, Eva Karlsson, Morgan Larsson, Christina Nääw, Reima Ryttersson, Emma Jonforsen, Eva Kraft, Daniel Granlund, Lars Gustafsson, Jani Putkinen, John Armstrong (trainer/coach)


June 15, 2015